How to motivate employees without an extra cost?

Most businessmen assume that motivating employees means that they have to bear an extra cost from their budget. And so, this vital factor is not given any priority or importance at all whatsoever. However, what they need to realize is that this is indeed a factor that is most necessary for the continuous growth and functioning of the firm. So here are some inexpensive ways you could use to motivate your employees to work better.

Make an effort to care

Don’t merely treat your employees like slaves that are below you or like walking drains that drain your money, because they aren’t that. You need to realize that if it weren’t for your employees in the first place, you wouldn’t even be surviving in this competitive market. They are the wheels of your company wagon, so you need to take care of them. Show them that you care by spending some time with them and finding out their worries and issues. Understand that when people feel loved they would genuinely make an effort to be better people automatically pushing themselves to work even harder and contribute better. So the least you could do is to know their names and greet them with their names.

Acknowledge the good

As the boss it is your duty to keep an eye on the employees while you also give them the freedom to work on their own. This kind of monitoring is necessary to identify those that truly work really hard to improve themselves and the firm. Such persons are hard to find and when you don’t identify them before it is too late, they might have already left your firm. So make an effort to wander around your firm and be approachable. This way you can easily identify the real people and hold on to them.

Offer little benefits

Although the world works with a give and take policy, some people seem to only take and not give because they assume it is too much of hassle. When you don’t give then you are certainly going to lose. So be the diplomatic businessman or businesswoman you are, and set aside at least a reasonable budget for fringe benefits like a monthly massage or even simply offer good food after a meeting. So if people don’t really want to hear talk they’ll still make it for the food or you can pay them back for making time for you by offering food. There are other little benefits too that you can offer to your employees that wouldn’t really cost too much. Make an effort to find it and invest on it!

Consider the above methods and try to implement them in your firm as well!